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Riding bike is so much fun. It is the first dream that comes true. I see my neighbor struggling to teach his son ride a bike. Even if you are struggling or planning to train your child how to ride a bike, then this article may help you nail it with ease. In this article, we are discussing the very effective and simple step-by-step procedure to help you train your child ride bike.

Step 1: Prepare your child to ride a bike

The right and foremost step we fail to achieve before we teach anything to our child is, to forget to talk to them about it or prepare them mentally for the same. This can help you nail the process in lucidity. The child will be mentally excited and puts in more efforts to learn; thus, the process becomes more straightforward. This will not even take much time. Make sure your child has a perfect age for riding bikes. If your kid is very tiny, then do not force till he/she develops an interest in it.

Step 2: Pick the right-sized bike

Most of the parents choose the wrong size bike during the initial stage. A wrong size bike can eventually kill the interest of the child. Or even can prolong the process of learning. It is always better to choose the right sized bike that suits your child. Once you find a proper bike, let them get used to it.

Step 3: Teach the child about the bike

Every learning becomes best when the foundation of the subject is made very clear. Teach your child the basic things about that bike, maybe say the parts of the bike, the rules of riding, the regulations of pedalling the bike, the necessity of wearing a helmet and so on. This information can benefit the child in many ways. They will be conscientious and keep them informed about their asset maintained.

Step 4: Teach the child how to hold the bike

This step may seem simple but is highly significant. If a child doesn’t know how to hold his or her motorcycle, they may condemn taking more 12 joker classes. Teach them with a simple procedure. Ask your child to un-park the motorcycle, or make them push the bike while they walk to make them balance the heavy motorcycle. Once they understand the friction of the moving cycle, they automatically. Learn to balance.

Step 5: Teach the child to pedal

Pedalling is a vital part of riding a bike. Teach your child to use the feet in proper proportion and right directions. This can help the child set an adequate hold on the pedal as they ride the bike. Pedalling speed can also monitor the initial speed of the bike. When the child explores the brakes and gear, he/she will gradually learn to balance and can effortlessly ride bikes.

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